We got to know the name of the new head coach!

1 year ago | 18.11.2022, 13:57
We got to know the name of the new head coach!

After a few weeks of waiting, we come to you with the most important information about the ongoing offseason in Wrocław!

Dave Christensen becomes the new head coach of Panthers Wrocław in the 2023 season!

The American coach who will lead the Panthers staff has 38 years experience as a coach at the level of college football in the USA:

1983 Western Washington (RB Coach)

1984 Sehome H.S. (OL/DL Coach)

1985 Everett H.S. (OL/DL Coach)

1986–1987 Eastern Washington (OL/DL Coach)

1988 Spokane Falls CC

1989–1990 Washington (OL Coach)

1990–1991 Idaho State (OL/TE/RB Coach)

1992–1996 Toledo (OL Coach)

1997–2000 Toledo (Offensive Coordinator)

2001–2008 Missouri (Offensive Coordinator)

2009–2013 Wyoming

2014 Utah (Offensive Coordinator/TE Coach)

2015–2016 Texas A&M (OL Coach/Running Game Coordinator)

2017 Arizona State (Consultant)

2018–2020 Arizona State (OL Coach)

Before arriving in Wrocław and starting work with the players, the new coach answered a few questions:

Why did you choose the position of head coach of the Panthers?

I think it's a great opportunity - to work for a club that has the same perspective, goals and vision as I do - to fight and win the title!

This is your first employment as a coach in Europe. What are the coach's expectations?

My wife and I have always wanted to visit Europe. In my 38-year career, we never had time or opportunity. I am very excited and can't wait to experience life in a completely different part of the world. We can't wait to meet new people, experience Polish culture and see all the new places.

What do you know about our league - European League of Football?

I know that the European League of Football is the most prestigious and even competition in Europe. I'm looking forward to starting the competition!

What is your training philosophy?

I want us to be the most physical, disciplined and offensive team in the European League of Football. I would also like the Panthers to be recognized as a team that plays smart, relentless and has a high football IQ. We will play very diverse football both in attack and defense, also emphasizing dominance when playing in special formations.

Have you had the opportunity to see Wrocław? What first moves do you plan as head coach?

Together with my wife, we are planning to visit Wrocław in December this year and we are looking forward to the first opportunity to see the city and the club's infrastructure. On site, I would like to have an individual conversation with each Polish player who will represent Panthers in 2023, I will meet all the club employees and start introducing the new program.

What are the assumptions for starting a business as a head coach?

I want to evaluate our players, find foreign reinforcements, complete the coaching staff and start building the best playbook for attack, defense and special formations.

What can we expect from the Panthers in the 2023 season?

Expect a team that only gets better each week, competing in every match at the highest level with great discipline, attention to detail and strength - both physical and mental.

At the moment, we have not yet learned the schedule of the European League of Football, nor the opponents we will face in a few months, but we know that we will be ready!