Panthers Lacrosse

The Panthers Lacrosse section was established in October 2020. So far, some of the girls have played for the Kosynierki Wrocław club. Thanks to this, our young Lacrosse section can boast of players who have repeatedly represented Poland on the international arena, incl. in 2017 at The World Games, and in 2018 at the U21 European Championship. The players of the Panthers Lacrosse section are regularly appointed to the national team, constituting a strong core of the Polish National Team.

They are girls full of enthusiasm and commitment who fight for the highest trophies not only on the national arena. In 2021, the Panthers Lacrosse section won the title of Polish Vice-Champions in the Polish Women's Lacrosse League.

In the 2021/2022 season, the section takes part in the Eastern German League DLaxV. For girls, this is the beginning of another great story that they will write under the Black and Blue colors!