Panthers Minis

Developing the youth section from the beginning of our existence was one of the most important pillars in our club.

After several years of training successes in the junior arenas, we decided to take another big step, creating the Panthers Minis section in 2015. Unlike other football sections, Minis trains in the form of Flag Football - a non-contact variant of our discipline, in which, instead of knocking down the opponent, special colored flags are torn off a belt.

The lack of collisions during training and matches allows you to maximize the benefits of training this versatile discipline, developing motor skills, speed, agility, condition and many other parameters that are very important in the process of adolescence.

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Panthers Minis trainings are conducted by qualified trainers who also appear in the first Panthers line-up (including Damian Kwiatkowski, Janusz Góralski, Przemysław Banat). Coaches with many years of experience in sports work with children, with the support of the entire club, provide the pupils with the best conditions for the development of themselves and their passion, and most importantly, in a safe way.

The Minis section trains twice a week at the Olympic Stadium and is intended for young people aged 6-12.

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Opublikowany przez Panthers Wrocław Niedziela, 16 czerwca 2019