Is it worth it?

Jacek Tarczyński - President of the Management Board of Tarczyński S.A., Owner of Panthers Wrocław

The Tarczyński company has been involved in American football in Wrocław for 10 years and every year I can see how, thanks to better management and sports activities, we have transformed from an amateur club into a professional organization, which is mentioned as a model among the best and oldest clubs in Europe that exist even 30 years. We represent and promote the city in Poland and abroad, which is why Wrocław appears both in our name and on the outfits during matches. As a club owner, I see in Panthers Wrocław the motivation and hard work on which the pillars of the Tarczyński company are based. I am proud that our organization not only achieves results in the Polish and international arena, but also, above all, has a very positive impact on the local community, with which a close relationship is a priority in our company's activities. I always emphasize the importance of the development of children and youth and building their love for sport. At Panthers Wrocław we see it every day. The sports events themselves, on the other hand, are organized at the European level. Their organization, sponsorship exposition and benefits generated by the club mean that the investment in American football has turned from passion into action that brings real image benefits and allows the Tarczyński brand to be permanently associated with great family sports and events built on the basis of values that are key to the operation of our brand.

Jacek Sutryk - President of the City of Wrocław

I have been watching the Panthers for many years and I must admit I am very impressed. Mainly because something huge was built out of nothing at a rapid pace. A group of enthusiasts did a titanic job, thanks to which today the team has a faithful group of fans and sponsors, attracting them to the impressive Olympic Stadium. The club works well, is visible in the city and creates a great alternative to disciplines considered more traditional in our country. Panthers Wrocław, importantly, meets the expectations of young people. The International Olympic Committee also recognizes this fact, significantly changing the program of the Games and introducing disciplines clearly intended to interest the Olympic idea of a younger audience. Congratulations on dethroning the team from Białystok and all activities. I will look forward to more spectacular victories.

Wojciech Gęstwa - Director of the Youth Sports Center and the Wrocław Marathon

I am associated with Panthers Wrocław mainly professionally: it was at the Olympic Stadium that the team of these predators found their home. Together with the team and probably all residents, we are very proud of the fact that the Polish Championship has returned to the Capital of Lower Silesia! We are all the more pleased that the game that was decisive for the title was played at such an interesting facility with a great history as our stadium. If I were to evaluate the functioning of the Club, in my opinion, the best measure of activity are intended and achieved successes: in this case, the return to the championship throne was planned and we managed to fulfill these assumptions in one hundred percent! I now keep my fingers crossed for further great victories, both domestically and internationally!