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Panthers Ultimate

The Panthers Ultimate section includes two sections - male and female.


The male team was formed by the players of the Wroclaw collective previously known as "The Bridge" - multiple Polish Champions and the best Polish team in the international arena. In 2021, the team from Wrocław achieved a historic result at the European Club Championship, taking thirteenth place among the thirty teams qualified for the final in Bruges (Belgium). The men's ultimate section has been an undefeated team on the Polish scene since 2017. Throughout this period, Wrocław's ultimate in the men's category not only strengthened its position in the first place in the country, but consistently strived to achieve better and better results in Europe by playing numerous international tournaments such as Hamburg Rumble, Rising Pot or the finals of the European Club Championship in 2017. This year we will see the men's section at the tournament in Vienna - Vienna Spring Break and Windmill Windup - the largest tournament in Europe played in Amsterdam and most likely at the European Club Championship, for which qualifications will take place in August. Many players are regular Polish representatives. Among others:

  • The brothers Łukasz and Filip Dobranowscy - The World Games 2017 National team / National team of men in beach ultimate
  • Mateusz Kosmalski - men's National team in beach ultimate / men's National team at the World Championships in London 2016
  • Tomasz Zatoń - men's National team in beach ultimate / Polish Masters team at the 2019 European Championships
  • Maciej Parys - men's National team in beach ultimate / men's National team at the World Championships in London 2016

And many others who in their long career represented the colors of our country with numerous successes. In 2019, the four players of the Panthers Ultimate section mentioned above took fourth place at the European Beach Championships in Portimao (Portugal), achieving the historic result of the Polish National Team on the international arena. The section also has a large group of young players who have already started in the Junior World and European Championships. This group includes: Wojciech Pająk, Marcin Sosna, Krzysztof Wątroba, Kacper Krasucki, Mateusz Niedziela and Tymon Włodarczyk. It is also worth mentioning that we will see the next generation of young players this year at the Junior World Championships under 20 in Wrocław. The team also includes winners of awards for the best players (MVP) and coaches on the Polish scene.

In 2022, Filip Dobranowski is the head coach.

Mateusz Kosmalski became the captain and trainer of the motor preparation.

From the marketing side, an active player, Łukasz Dobranowski, works with the section, and Piotr Szauderna is responsible for matters related to the administration.


The female section is the Polish Champions from 2021, previously appearing on the stage under the name "Flowers Wrocław". In the same year, the players of the female section also made their debut at the European Club Championships, taking the twelfth place in Europe. For many years, the female section has been in the forefront of Polish teams, and the players also regularly appear in the colors of the female and mixed Polish National Team. Worth mentioning here:

  • Paulina Dul - The World Games 2017 National team / National team at the 2018 European Championships / Eurostars team on tour in the USA in 2019
  • Sara Doroba, Pamela Salitra - National team U24 2017
  • Zofia Knapik- women's National team at the 2018 European Championships / National team open at the 2019 European Junior Championships

The section also consists of many young players who represented Poland at the Junior World Championships and the Junior European Championships.