On behalf of the American Sports Club Panthers Wrocław - the football champion of Poland 2020, 2019, 2017, 2016, the 2016 European Champion, the winner of the Polish Cup and the title of the Polish Champion of the Polish Women's Softball League 2020, the silver medalist of the European Team Softball Championship in Bulgaria and the silver medalist of the Polish competition Women's Lacrosse League 2021, we would like to invite you to cooperate with us in the season of 2021 and beyond.

Many years of experience in the world of sport, media, sales, marketing and management allowed us to create a sports team unique on a European scale within seven years!

A global brand in a local edition

The establishment of the Panthers Wrocław club in 2013 echoed widely in the sports world - two teams competing with each other for years join forces in the fight for bigger goals, and from the perspective of 8 years we can proudly say - it was worth it!

8 years after the historic handshake of two presidents, Panthers Wrocław includes 5 sports sections - Panthers Football - the main football team representing Wrocław and Poland in the international European League of Football games, Panthers Juniors - a team for players aged 14-19, playing in the Polish Football League, Panthers Softball - the first female section of the club appearing in the Polish Women's Softball League, Panthers Lacrosse - several months younger, the second female section appearing in the Polish Women's Lacrosse League and Panthers Minis - our section for the youngest football adepts, which has been operating for years aged 6-12, practicing a non-contact form of discipline - flag football, minimizing the chances of an injury, maximizing the health benefits of practicing sports at an early age.

To conquer Europe!

In 2021 our club is celebrating its 8th anniversary and we look to the future with great prospects. The renovated Olympic Stadium, which has been our home since the beginning of Panthers' existence, allows us to fully use the possibilities of our club and the potential of American football in Wrocław and the entire region. In the 2021 season, for the first time, we represent the city and the whole of Poland in the international league of the European League of Football, at the same time resigning from competition in the domestic backyard. In the 2020 season, as the only Polish club, we were invited to create the ELF project - a project intended to overshadow all leagues of the Old Continent.

In addition to the transfer of the entire section to the ELF league, other sections can also boast of European achievements - the Panthers juniors team defeated the German Hamburg Young Huskies in 2016, becoming the first Polish team in history to be proud of a victory against their western neighbors, Panthers Softball at the Clubs European Softball Championship in 2021 took a record 2nd place in the general classification in August 2021, while in 2022 we will be able to watch the players of the second female Panthers section appearing in the German Lacrosse Bundesliga.


When in 2013 the world saw the final product of the merger of American football teams from Wrocław, such a dynamic development was only a bold dream for many, but time has shown how hard work and commitment during such a time can create a European football power in Wrocław from scratch.

Continuous investment in youth development (including the Minis section, juniors, presence in schools and many municipal projects) and horizontal development (Softball and Lacrosse sections) allowed us to create an excellent marketing tool for entities cooperating with us. A great advantage is the spectacularity of the disciplines we represent - dynamism, attractive costumes and exoticism are the features that attract new crowds of fans to the Panthers, who are hungry for sports emotions at the highest level.

The exposition of sponsors who decide to cooperate with our club increases every year, and the Olympic Stadium in Wrocław is a perfect place for advertising any company - both small and large - with high-quality video screens, advertising space in places such as bands or the track around the pitch, the sectors opposite the grandstand, the vast esplanade or the VIP area is an almost inexhaustible space with a huge advertising potential at each of our matches.

The stands at the Panthers home matches are a space for whole families - without divisions or aggression, for years we have been working on creating a local and family atmosphere on a large scale and our matches are visited by more and more fans from Poland and Europe each season. In addition to thousands of live viewers, it is also worth mentioning the viewership of our games on TV - our match against Berlin Thunder on August 29, 2021 live on Pro Sieben MAXX television was watched by an average of 120,000 viewers, while the away match against Hamburg Sea Devils was almost twice that number, by percentage occupying 3.8% of the total market in the 14-49 age group.

The ELF League is still the youngest league in Europe, but after the degree of professionalization already in the inaugural season and ambitious plans for the coming years, we can confidently say that our long-term motto "We Create History" is not at all accidental. Now we would like you to join us, and we will write the next chapters of this story together!

Get to know the Panthers even better and see how it is done in Wrocław!

Panthers Wrocław vs Berlin Thunder, 29.08.2021 Olympic Stadium in Wrocław

Panthers Softball Home Tournament, 19.06.2021 Stan Musiał Field in Wrocław

Panthers Lacrosse Home Tournament, 12.06.2021 Olympic Stadium in Wrocław

Panthers Wrocław Juniors vs Armiada Szczecin/Poznan, Olympic Stadium in Wrocław