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Why is it worth it to train lacrosse?

2 months ago | 16.03.2023, 10:24
Why is it worth it to train lacrosse?

Soccer? Standard. Volleyball? Nothing new. Handball? Boring. If you would answer these kinds of questions in a similar way, why not consider lacrosse? This sport, still exotic in Poland, is growing rapidly, with opportunities that are hard to come by in other sports. Why is it worth grabbing a stick for "LAX"?

Watching a lacrosse game, associations with sports such as basketball or hockey may come to mind. In fact, the sport is mainly about using a distinctive triangular racket to hit the ball into the opponents' goal. Depending on the variety, the rules of the game may vary slightly, but it's really all about one thing - scoring more points than your rivals.

Both men and women play lacrosse in Poland, and one of the top teams in the country is Panthers Lacrosse.

- The Panthers Wrocław lacrosse section was established in 2020, but the team itself has been around much longer - previously under the name "Kosynierki Wrocław". Our team has more than a dozen players, who are on a daily basis students, pupils, work or have their own families. We have nurses, accountants and even a dog trainer on the team. Each of us is completely different, and it is lacrosse that unites us - says Aleksandra Cekała, a Panthers Lacrosse player.

In lacrosse there is something for everyone - unlike many sports, here the positions on the field are very diverse. Each player can play a completely different role on the team, so skills such as speed or physical conditions, for example, are not always the most important. Women's lacrosse differs from men's lacrosse, first of all, with less contact. The game performed by men is definitely more aggressive, as a result of which players play with pads and helmets. Women, on the other hand, are equipped only with mouth guards and - optionally - eye protectors, although this is not mandatory. All this is because the rules limit the possibility of contact between female players.

- Any person willing to play will be taught everything from scratch. You can come to training, having no idea about lacrosse, and we will still explain what the game is about, how to throw the ball and how to catch it. Everyone can see for themselves if this sport is for them- explains Alexandra Cecula. - I myself started playing lacrosse because I wanted to try my hand at an interesting team sport, after swimming for years. However, I was already at such an age that without basic skills it would have been difficult for me to take up something completely new. However, lacrosse was different - I found a recruitment ad, came to training, and the girls taught me everything from scratch- Cekała continues.

Comparing it to other disciplines, the threshold for entry into lacrosse is not particularly high, so almost anyone can try their hand at it. The discipline has found its place on the sports map of Poland, but it is not yet common enough to break through to the highest level. Its popularity, however, is consistently growing - schools are even creating sports classes with a specialization in lacrosse.

- Thanks to the fact that it's a niche sport, the LAX community is very well-knit - we know each other very well with girls from other cities. Compared to other sports, here it is definitely easier and faster also to get into the Polish national team and get a chance to represent the country at important international events- says Cekała.

Panthers Lacrosse players, and even more so those who qualify for the Polish national team, take part in the most prestigious international tournaments - such as the European Championships, which will be held in Portugal in 2024, and the European Junior Championships in the Czech Republic in July. Panthers Lacrosse also competes not only in the Polish Women's Lacrosse League, but also abroad - for example, last season the Wrocław girls also played in the German league, visiting Dresden or Leipzig during the season. What's more, female and male players who are studying, thanks to lacrosse, have a chance to receive a scholarship in connection with sports achievements.

- In addition to competition or movement, LAX also allows you to meet new people and make interesting friends. In Panthers Lacrosse we can always count on each other, we are a close-knit and open team. Besides, by joining the team we gain access to a well-equipped training base, including the club gym at the Olympic Stadium - adds Cekała.

Currently, Panthers Lacrosse is looking for players for the senior team, in which one can play from the age of 15. The upper limit does not exist - if someone has no resistance to move on the field, there is no obstacle  joining the team. Younger players, on the other hand, can join the junior women's section at any time. Of course, at the beginning you need to be patient and motivated - it takes some time and training to reach a certain level and possess the ability to use a lacrosse stick. However, once this is achieved - satisfaction is more than guaranteed.