Welcome to Wroclaw!

1 year ago | 20.05.2023, 12:00
Welcome to Wroclaw!

If you are planning to come to Wroclaw to see the Panthers or your hometeam play some American Football, don't just come for the game day. Wroclaw is a beatiful and interesting city with many attractions which are worth to see and enjoy. To make the planning of the "Gameweekend Citybreak" easier, here are some tips that hopefully make your trip unforgetable. 

Top 3 places to see (besides the Panthers game at Olimpiastadion)

1. Market Square (Rynek)
2. Cathedral Island (Ostrow Tumski)
3. Century Hall (Hala Stulecia)

The central point of the city, surrounded by colorful townhouses, with the City Hall in the middle, is something you simply cannot miss when visiting Wroclaw. While life is raging in the finely groomed streets of the old town between the market square and the baroque university, the nearby cathedral island is an oasis of calm and contemplation. If you're lucky, you might meet the lantern man who lights the lanterns by hand in the evening. And if you walk around like that, keep your eyes open -
maybe you'll meet dwarves hiding all over the city.
On a warm summer's day, the Centennial Hall and its park surroundings are perfect for chilling and strolling. You can also experience a great show on the Pergola fountain.
Visit the site for more ideas.

Top 3 Places to eat (besides our sponsor KFC of course but still partly connected with Panthers)

1. Shrimp House
2. Okami
3. Pierogarnia (for typical Polish food)

In the market place there are many different places where you can eat and drink well. But the first two places are very close to the Panthers heart. Shrimp House has been with us since the beginning and Okami is owned by our DL #99 - Robert Rosolek. Both places are in the side streets of the market square, very easy to find. For typical Polish food (pierogi, bigos, barszcz etc) Pierogarnia is recommended, on
the market square itself, right next to the Hard Rock Cafe. But you don't have to look far on gameday - there are plenty of delicious food truck
options at the stadium, especially the Meat Lover with the great hot dogs from our main sponsor Tarczynski SA.

Top 3 Places to have a beer (and to celebrate Panther's Victories ☺)

1. Browar 100 Mostów
2. Slodowa Island
3. Beach bars

As with the restaurants - when it comes to bars, everyone will find something for themselves on the market square. Worth mentioning is the Spiz microbrewery in the cellars of the town hall. But Wroclaw is called the city of hundred bridges and chilling by the water is much more fun in summer. Slodowa Island is usually the student party
spot, but in summer a couple of floating bars are set up where you can have a cool drink with a great view of the university. And then there are the cool beach bars that come naturally after a hot day at the
stadium. A good summary of which and where exactly can be found under this link.

Tips for survival ;)
Although Poland is in the EU, we don't have the euro yet, but Polish zloty, so don't forget to exchange money if you want cash. Otherwise you can pay by card in 99% of the places. What is also different than in many European countries - you are not allowed to drink alcohol in public places (parks, streets, market place etc.), the Slodowa Island is the only exception in the city. 

Beer costs about 12 PLN (3-4 euros), lunch/dinner starts from about 40 PLN without a drink (about 10 euros), on average you can eat very well for about 100 PLN (about 20 euros, per person with drink). Accommodation starts at about 10-20 euros (hostels), a good Airbnb 10-15 minutes walk from the center can be found from 30-40 euros, hotels will depend on how far from the center and how many stars. Public transport will be max 10-12 euros for the whole weekend.

How do I get to Wroclaw?
By plane – daily from Frankfurt and Munich, on some weekdays from Düsseldorf and Dortmund (direct flight, max. 1.5 hour flight)
By train and bus – Flixbus has several options, and DB has some nice promotiosn now and than as well
By car – about 3.5-4 hours drive from Berlin

Where can I sleep?
There are enough hostels, hotels and AirBnBs in the city- you can find something suitable for about 50-60 euros per room per night without any problems (if there are no big festivals or the like - the earlier booked the better of course) Attention! August 15th is a public holiday in Poland and therefore long weekends where many do city breaks (so if you plan to stay longer - book earlier!)

What's the best way to get around the city?
Like any big city, Wroclaw has a lot of traffic. Therefore, it is better to leave the car at home and take public transport. Every bus and tram has vending machines in the vehicle with which you can buy tickets, just with a card. (Don't be surprised - nothing is printed out, it is saved on the card). At many stops there are also normal ticket machines where you can also print out the ticket. (As per May 2023) A normal single ticket costs 4.60 PLN (about 1 euro), a 72h ticket – 32 PLN (about 8 euros).

You also can book public bikes and rollers. 

How do I get to the Olympic Stadium?
You can of course come by car, the stadium is on a university campus, but there are limited parking spaces and there is a charge (about 10 PLN/3Euro) Therefore, it is best to travel by tram. The stop is called "Stadion Olimpijski" and trams number 9, 17 and 33 go there. From the tram stop you first have to go under the street to the other side, through the main gate and then straight across the university campus. The  stadium is then on the left. GO PANTHERS! ☺