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Weekend with Lacrosse and Softball!

1 month ago | 21.04.2023, 09:18
Weekend with Lacrosse and Softball!

Two of the Panthers sections have officially started the 2023 season - girls from Panthers Softball have joined the Lacrosse team.


Softball to a good start

Softball is the second section that has already started the fight for the title of the 2023 Polish National Champion - and in what style! The first PLSK tournament this year was held in Kutno, at the Little Baseball League facilities. According to the tournament plan, the girls led by head coach Łukasz Tur were to start the season on Saturday against the Warsaw Diamonds team, while the constant rainfall and the condition of the surface forced the umpires to cancel all remaining matches on the first day of the tournament.


The girls returned to the pitch on Sunday, and did it in an absolute Panthers style! Firstly, they faced Gepard Żory, who they dominated from the beginning. An excellent defense game and a very effective attack from the first seconds of the match allowed the Panthers to finish the game with the first win and the score as much as 21:3! After a successful start, Panthers Softball challenged the Warsaw Diamonds team, which also did not find an answer to the Panthers' game that day, and due to the advantage in points, the game numer two ended with the score 11:0 after the fourth inning.


“We are very happy that the effects of the work done in the off-season were visible from the first seconds of the first match. Both in attack and defense we played two great games and we were the only team to go home with wins only. Of course, we never underestimate our opponents - we have already started preparations for the second tournament, in which we also intend to show that the place of Panthers Softball is at the very top of Poland and Europe!” - says Aleksandra Zielińska, the author of 7 points and two homeruns, including the first ever Panthers Grand Slam - the most valuable play in the game of softball!



Poznan Lacrosse tournament

On the weekend of April 15-16, the LAX section, led by head coach Bartosz Kajor, played the second tournament of the Polish Women's Lacrosse League. The Poznań pitch and the weather, however, were not kind to the players - the rain and the terrible condition of the field were the conditions they had to face in the second weekend of the season.


As part of the Poznań tournament, the girls played two matches - against the hosts and current Polish Champions - Poznań Hussars Ladies and LAX-Warriors Września. The team, weakened by two starting attack players was unfortunately unable to establish an equal fight with the opponents.


Poznan Hussars Ladies 12:3 Panthers Wroclaw

Panthers Wroclaw 4:13 Warriors Września


“During the tournament, we focused on the exact and conscientious implementation of the game schemes. The pre-match inspection of the pitch in the rain showed us that the tournament will not be an easy one. While the results do not show it, the sports side of our performance in Poznań was good - the girls confidently won the face-offs, played wisely and safely. After playing two games in a continuous downpour with a short roster I’m really glad we were able to avoid any injuries on the team. The tournament itself gave us a lot of knowledge and necessary information, which is why we are going to Katowice with our heads up high and we will do our best to return to Wrocław with the first victories of the season!” - sums up the LAX HC Bartosz Kajor.


The next tournaments of the section will be held:

Panthers Lacrosse 27-28.05 in Katowice,

Panthers Softball 06-07.05 in Kutno.