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The Finnish national player joins the Panthers squad

3 months ago | 07.12.2022, 17:31
The Finnish national player joins the Panthers squad

We got to know the first two names of reinforcements from overseas and part of the training staff before the 2023 season, so it's time for the first European player to join us in the fight for the European League of Football Championship!

Finnish National Team player and Defensive Player Of The Year in the American Football Association of Finland league - Timi Nuikka joins the Panthers roster!

Despite his young age, Nuikka has introduced himself to the coaches as a very athletic and definitely outstanding player.

We have had such great luck with our Finnish Players over the last 10 years. All have been great players and great teammates! Timi came to us highly recommended!” - this is how the Panthers' defensive coordinator, coach Dave Likins, commented on the transfer news.

Why did you decide to join Panthers?

I decided to join the Panthers because I have a really good feeling that we will be one of the best teams in this whole league, also I've heard a lot of good things about the whole organization. On top of that, I believe that this was the best decision for me to grow as a player.

How would you describe your playing style?

I would describe my playing style as a sideline to sideline type of player. My motor doesn’t stop at anypoint of the game and I’ll give my best every single down!

What can the Panthers fans and players expect of you?

Fans can expect me to be a true baller on the field and even better person off the field. Teammates can count on me at any time and they can expect me to be a true team player!

Few words to the Panthers Nation!

I am so grateful and hyped up about this opportunity. I can’t wait to get there and prove that we will do a lot of damage on the field and get the trophy to Wrocław!