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The coaching staff is expanding

3 months ago | 30.11.2022, 18:00
The coaching staff is expanding

Day by day, we get to know better the shape of the Panthers for the 2023 season.

Under the leadership of new head coach Dave Christensen, the contract of defensive coordinator Dave Likins was extended. We also learned the names of two American players who will join the team (DL Solomon Brown, DB Artevius Smith) and the first eight names of Polish players who will return to the Olympic Stadium in the fight for the title of Champion of the European League of Football.

In the 2023 season, coach Ariel Back will be responsible for the running game and the preparation of our runningbacks. In the 2022 season, coach Back was part of the training staff of the current Champions of the European League of Football - Vienna Vikings, with whom we had the opportunity to face twice.

Coach Back is a young coach with great enthusiasm and ambition. Last season, he was responsible for the Vienna Vikings runners, with whom he won the championship title. The experience gained in the European League of Football, knowledge of the league and players is certainly an additional asset that will allow us to properly select the remaining reinforcements for the season” says Jakub Samel, sports director of the club.

Coach Back answered a few questions for us:

Why did you decide to join the Panthers?

From the moment of entering the structures of the European League of Football, I have heard that Panthers Wrocław has the opinion of a top-shelf organization in Europe. Last year, when we played together with Vienna Vikings in Wrocław, I saw with my own eyes the professionalism of Panthers and how beautiful Wrocław is - I really liked it here. With the announcement of Dave Christensen as the new head coach, joining the team became my number one goal. I wanted a chance to work with such a good coaching staff, in an organization that aims at perfection.

You had the opportunity to face the Panthers in the European League of Football. Do you already have ideas on how to strengthen the team?

First of all - I would like to help recruit new players and build the squad. Once we bring the best of the best to Wrocław, I will do everything to help the coaching staff as much as I can to build a solid line-up of runners, composed of people who are not afraid of a strong game and want to unleash their maximum potential.

You are the reigning champion of the European League of Football - what is the next goal?

I'm more of a task man - my goal is to win today, this week, this period, and that means recruiting at this point.

Why would players want to join the Panthers? What do you bring to the team?

Players should see what I see - an opportunity to join an organization that is 100% committed to what it does.

I am a highly energetic, motivated and passionate person - these values ​​I bring with me. I am positive and full of energy every day. I focus on being the best version of myself and thus infecting my colleagues. In addition, it should be added that football is the best thing in the world for me and you can be sure of one thing - I will do everything to make everyone enjoy the game and by the way we will build relationships for life.

And a few more words to the fans - what can we expect from the running game in the 2023 season?

Expect strong players who will protect the ball at all costs - we will do what we have to do. We will be physical, our game will be exciting and every run with the ball or quarterback defense will be 100% from start to finish!