Panthers Wrocław with all reinforcements for the 2023 season

1 year ago | 11.04.2023, 09:07
Panthers Wrocław with all reinforcements for the 2023 season
We have learned the names of all foreign players who will join Panthers Wrocław in the 2023 season to fight together for victory in the European League of Football. The last competitor to complete the squad of Polish representatives in the prestigious competitions is Murilo Machado Silva, a Brazilian well-known to the fans of Wrocław, for whom it will be the third season in the colors of Panthers Wrocław.

The third season in Wrocław

Murilo Machado Silva is a powerful offensive lineman who joined the Panthers Wrocław squad before the 2021 season. With his great disposition on the field, he won not only the sympathy of Wrocław fans, but also the trust of the coaching staff, who once again decided to extend his contract. Silva is the only foreign player of Panthers Wrocław from last season who will be seen at the Olympic Stadium this year as well.

– I am very happy with the opportunity to play in Panthers Wrocław and another year of competition in the European League of Football. I believe that extending my contract is proof of my commitment to the team, both on and off the field. I'm very excited about the season, just like the first time I came here straight from Brazil. What's more, I am very happy that I will play in the same team with my compatriot - Otávio Amorim, with whom we still know from performances in our country. Our thoughts are already with our fans, especially Panthers Lokos, at the first game of the season! – says Murilo Silva himself.

Fresh blood from abroad

For the 2023 season, Wrocław has contracted as many as ten players with a foreign passport, including four from the United States from the top NCAA divisions. The composition of Panthers Wrocław will be strengthened by: defensive lineman Solomon Brown, defensive back Artevius Smith, receiver Brenton Martin and the most important character on the field- 24-year-old quarterback Nik Rango.

- Every one of them is a player who has the potential to play a key role on the field [...]. We are convinced of the high class of our players, while being impressed by the level of their commitment - convinces Dave Christensen, head coach of Panthers Wrocław.

In addition to the four players from the USA in the upcoming season, the Panthers Wrocław squad will also include six players from other countries - in addition to Murilo Machado Silva, these will be: Timi Nuikka (LB, Finland), Artur Pinheiro (DL, Portugal), Norman Ossohou (RB, France), Leo Krafft (DL, Norway) and another Brazilian – Otávio Amorim (OL).

The season's almost here

Panthers Wrocław will inaugurate the games on June 3rd with a home game against Hamburg Sea Devils at the Olympic Stadium. In the regular season of the European League of Football, Wrocław will play 12 games, and apart from the team from Hamburg, they will also host Leipzig Kings, Berlin Thunder, Fehérvár Enthroners, Prague Lions and Vienna Vikings.

In the 2023 season, the inhabitants of Wrocław will compete with the strongest teams in Europe almost every week. The nature of the competition makes squad depth a key element of any team.