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Panthers Wrocław through the eyes of Americans

3 weeks ago | 08.05.2023, 08:40
Panthers Wrocław through the eyes of Americans

The European League of Football season will start on June 3rd. Panthers Wrocław will start the games with a hit duel against Hamburg Sea Devils at the Olympic Stadium. The team is preparing for the game with almost full squad - also with players from the United States. How does the Wrocław organization look like through their eyes? What surprised them upon arrival in Poland? And what do they have to say to the fans?

The game squad of the teams competing in the European League of Football consists of 46 players. Only 10 of them can come from abroad, including four from the United States. Players with a foreign passport flew to Wrocław at the turn of April and May - now the team is preparing to open the season almost completely. American players do not hide their excitement about the possibility of continuing their sports career in Wrocław.

I would say that my first impressions of Wrocław have been really good. I never knew how different everything over in Europe is from using trams, time zone changes, and even phone charging ports. From the moment I got off the plane I was welcomed with open arms and nothing but positivity from coaches, teammates, and locals. What surprised me first was how many bridges Wrocław has. I think it’s called the city of 100 bridges. The stadium is breathtaking and it really felt like home when I first stepped in it – says Artevius Smith, the American defensive back of Panthers Wrocław.

I only have positive things to say about Wrocław. The city is beautiful and the people have been kind. My wife and I have been able to be tourists a little bit and we’ve even found our favorite local doughnut shop. Learning polish has been a little bit difficult but thankfully we’ve met a lot of people willing to help. It feels like I’m coming home. The team has been extremely warm and welcoming. We’ve been here less than a month and the atmosphere is already like family – comments Solomon Brown, the new defensive lineman of the Wrocław team.

Foreign players of Panthers Wrocław are also impressed by the organizational level with which they met in the club. They praise both the coaching staff for their professionalism and tons of experience, as well as the Olympic Stadium as a great training base, which is also a unique facility in the world. In their opinion, the Wrocław team resembles university teams from the United States.

Coach Christensen and staff have been nothing but professional from the day I first spoke with them. The knowledge and dedication they bring to the table has been a great resource for my teammates and I to continue to develop as athletes. It has, and will continue to make a difference for our team as the season progresses. I’ve been blown away with our organization's stadium and facilities. They have everything we need as athletes to prepare, perform, and recover for games which is a privilege to be a part of. The Panthers organization does an outstanding job at modeling their program like the college and professional teams back home – says Nik Rango, quarterback of Panthers Wrocław in the 2023 season.

We have a championship caliber team here in Poland. The level of athletes here deserve the chance to play on this big stage and can hang with the best of all Europe. The coaches are very professional and treat every player the same no matter where we are from or what our dominant language is. The most shocking fact was the history of why our stadium was built. It’s pretty cool. I’ve never gotten the chance to play in such a culturally historic stadium – says further Solomon Brown.

The American players of Panthers Wroclaw are fully aware of the team's goal for the 2023 season. No one on site lacks commitment and motivation to fight for the league championship. The players promise that they will do everything to get them.

The atmosphere that I got from being here is that we all have the same goal and that’s to bring a championship to Wrocław. I’m hoping the Panthers game will be packed out and very loud. I know this team can win a championship and that’s the exact reason why I came here to Wrocław! I would like to tell the fans to come out to tailgate, be loud, and be ready to be our 12th man and be the best fans in the ELF! – says Artevius Smith.

Panthers Wrocław will start the season on June 3rd at 17.00 with a home meeting against Hamburg Sea Devils. Games between teams from Wrocław and Hamburg have become league classics and each time they are a guarantee of great emotions and a fight for victory until the last seconds.

No one who has already been to an American football game in Wrocław needs much persuasion to watch this from the height of the stands. Everyone else should know that Panthers Wrocław games are a great opportunity to spend time with the whole family, where sports competition is only one of the attractions available on site. Tickets for the season opener are now available on Ticketmaster.