Panthers Wrocław are preparing for the season

1 year ago | 17.04.2023, 00:08
Panthers Wrocław are preparing for the season
At the beginning of June Panthers Wrocław will inaugurate the competition in the prestigious European League of Football. Currently, the players from Wrocław are entering the decisive phase of preparations for the season - at the end of April, the team will start training with a full squad on the field. The goal of the Panthers for the upcoming season remains unchanged - it is to win the European Championship.

Panthers are getting closer to the season

An intense and exciting season lies ahead for Panthers Wrocław. Wrocław will inaugurate the European league games on June 3rd with a home game against Hamburg Sea Devils at the Olympic Stadium. Tickets for this event are already on sale.

The Wrocław team has had its first practice on the field - so far only in the national lineup, but under the supervision of the American training staff. Preparations for the season will soon enter the final phase.

During the first training camps of the team, our training staff worked with the players on the implementation of the new work system. After the first training sessions, the coaches conducted a comprehensive analysis of the recordings along with a discussion about each of the players. Our American trainers are very pleased with the commitment shown by the players and their openness to new tactical solutions - says Jakub Samel, sports director of Panthers Wrocław.

Players from abroad will join the team at the end of April. Wrocław has contracted ten players with a foreign passport for the 2023 season, including four from the United States. The composition of Panthers Wrocław will be complemented by i.a. defensive lineman Solomon Brown, defensive back Artevius Smith, receiver Brenton Martin and the most important figure on the field - 24-year-old quarterback Nik Rango. According to the league regulations, the Panthers will start training in full squad at the end of April. In mid-May, the team will also hold an away training camp.

The upcoming phase of preparation will focus directly on building the form for the first game. We are working hard to ensure that our players are in the best condition for the start of the season. In the course of preparations, in addition to training at the Olympic Stadium, we will also traditionally hold an away camp - not only to develop technical and tactical aspects of the game, but also to build chemistry and teamwork - explains Jakub Samel.

European rivalry

In the regular season of the European League of Football, Panthers Wrocław will play 12 games - six at home and six away. The main goal of the Wrocław team is to advance to the finals of the competition and win the title of European champions.

17 clubs from 9 different countries compete in ELF - they are by far the strongest teams on the continent. In the 2023 season, Panthers Wrocław got into the Eastern Conference, where they will play against Berlin Thunder, Leipzig Kings, Prague Lions, Fehervar Enthroners and Vienna Vikings - last year's European champions. In addition, they will also play two intergroup games with Hamburg Sea Devils.

- There are no easy opponents in the European League of Football - it's the equivalent of the soccer Champions League. In addition, this season the league has been expanded to include more teams whose disposition remains a mystery. We are convinced that the stakes will be very strong and even. The main goal of our team - which was appointed by head coach Dave Christensen - is, as always, the fight for the European championship - says Jakub Samel.