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Norman Ossohou joins Panthers

3 months ago | 10.12.2022, 13:11
Norman Ossohou joins Panthers

We are not slowing down! Yesterday we introduced you to another American player in next year's Panthers line-up - twenty-five-year-old Wide Receiver Brenton Martin. Today we reveal another card - Norman Ossohou - a French Running Back with a past in the Canadian academic league will run the Olympic Stadium in the European League of Football 2023!

Born in Paris, Ossohou developed his football career with the Gaiters at Bishop's University in Canada.

“Norman is another French player on our team with a background in Canadian universities. His physical achievements and university experience will undoubtedly have a positive impact on his performance on the field. Norman has a very good combination of agility and strength which is the key to success for a Running Back.” Says Jakub Samel, Panthers Sporting Director.

Why did you choose to join the Panthers in the ELF?

I chose to join the Panthers in ELF because I had a lot of good feedback on this organization. The coaching staff is experienced as well as the organization. I think these two factors are a good formula for success in this league.

How would you describe your playing style?

I consider myself a speedster. I use my finesse, my speed and my football IQ to get big plays. 

What the Panthers fans and your teammates can expect on and off the field?

On and off the field, the Panthers fans and my teammates can expect constant leadership and support from me.

Few words to the Panthers Nation!

See you soon Panthers Nation. Let the hunt begin.