Jakub Samel is the new Sports Director of Panthers Wrocław!

1 year ago | 19.09.2022, 15:49
Jakub Samel is the new Sports Director of Panthers Wrocław!

It's official - you will take up a new position at Panthers: Sports Director. Tell us what exactly will your role be?

It is a completely new experience for me and the entire organization. My main task will be to create a long-term strategy for all football sections in our organization and the best environment for the development and achievement of the best results by our players. A very important aspect will be the expansion of the junior sections to create a strong support system for the first team playing in the ELF.

You are the first Panthers sporting director ever. What could you indicate at the moment as your first and most important goal for the upcoming time?

It is a huge challenge because it is a pioneering project, but it only motivates me to act.

The most important tasks for the near future is to prepare a comprehensive action plan, because it doesn't matter how fast you run, if you do it in the wrong direction. In the near future, I will set priority actions and we will start implementing them.

In addition to the main team playing in the European League of Football, will you also take care of other sections of the Panthers?

Yes, I will be responsible for all football sections in our organization. I will help organize staffs and provide tools to all sections of the club, from the youngest Minis, through juniors, to the ELF squad. I will also be heavily involved in working with the Jaguars team to further support the development of players in our region.

Your knowledge as a trainer, but also as a scout, is huge - how will your experience translate into the profile of your new position?

It will be a great help, especially when working with the new ELF Head Coach. Thanks to my experience, I will be able to understand much better what his expectations will be and how to best help him achieve his sports goals on the field.

You are also the Head Coach of the Polish national football team. What's next for white and red? Will we still see you "in action" as the Head Coach of the Staff?

Yes, this role has not changed and I will continue to work as a national team coach. My role in the Panthers will not interfere with that of the National Team Coach.

We know that you choose your training staff carefully. Will this be the key to success in the next season?

One of the tasks will be to bring the best professionals who will develop our players so that they can use their full potential on the field. In recent seasons we have shown that we have many players at a high level, but we want to improve the quality of the game on the field by approaching it comprehensively - from the staff, through increased football education, to training conditions.

Will you reveal to us a scrap of plans for the next offseason and the 2023 season? As a longtime coach of the Panthers, you know the strengths and weaknesses of the team best, which will allow you to eliminate them and get the best out of #ThePack2023.

I will not reveal cards for the upcoming season but I can promise all fans that no one is satisfied with the results this season and we already have initial plans to come back much stronger and provide you with a huge amount of excitement in the stands and in front of the screens.