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Head Coach Interview

3 months ago | 04.12.2022, 20:30
Head Coach Interview

Have you diagnosed the Panthers problems yet? In the last season of the European League of Football, the team did not advance to the playoffs…

Winning is hard at any level, and the difference between winning and losing can come down to many things. Injuries played a big part in last year's struggles. We will soon evaluate the team in every field and implement a plan to build a competitive culture across all areas of our program.

The Panthers had big problems on the offensive. Do you have an idea to change it?

We need to better protect the ball and the quarterback. We will have a plan to do both of these things.

Would you like to bring in players you have already worked with?

There is a chance that it will happen, although I have worked mainly with American players, and according to the rules of the European League of Football we can only have four Americans on the team.

How did you start the work at the club?

The first thing I did was gather the coaching staff. Next, I evaluated the available players, and now we are working on getting new ones. Everything is in progress.

This will be your first job since you retired two years ago. Have you found a new motivation?

After leaving football, I realized that I still had a burning desire to be a coach. I knew many trainers who had great experiences and successes while working in Europe. When I was head coach at the University of Wyoming, we recruited a lot of European kids to play American football. Based on their quality, I realized that you can see really good football in Europe.

You wrote on Twitter that you are waiting for the start of a "new adventure". I wonder if that doesn't sound negative after all. Adventure. The board and the fans have big hopes for you and are probably counting on a long-term cooperation.

I treated each of my stops as a “new adventure”. I always have high expectations to win at the highest level. In fact, my wife and I are looking forward to meeting the inhabitants of Wrocław and seeing a new culture.