Changes in the roster. Wide Receiver Tony Tate joins the Panthers Wrocław

1 year ago | 12.05.2023, 11:20
Changes in the roster. Wide Receiver Tony Tate joins the Panthers Wrocław

The European League of Football season is fast approaching. The Panthers Wrocław are making the final adjustments to their roster before the start of the competition, which is expected to help them compete for the European championship. A new player from the United States, Tony Tate, has joined the team.

The Panthers Wrocław have decided to terminate the contracts of two players from the USA - Nik Rango (QB) and Brenton Martin (WR). Due to injury, the latter's place in the lineup will be taken by another American wide receiver, Tony Tate, who has a history of playing in the NCAA's first division.

Tate is 25 years old and a graduate of Western Illinois University, where he was one of the Leathernecks' top players. He has won numerous awards and honors at the university level. In his last two seasons at the university, he was selected to the conference team. The new Panthers Wrocław winger has incredible speed and efficiency on the court.

I am very excited and thankful to join Panthers Wrocław. I intend to give my best during every game. Go Panthers! – says Tony Tate himself.

The Panthers Wrocław will begin their struggles in the European League of Football on June 3. That's when they will take on the European runners-up, the Hamburg Sea Devils, at the Olympic Stadium. Tickets for this game have already gone on sale.